HELLO. I'm Laura Snapes. I am a freelance culture writer for lots of different places.

(Like The GuardianThe Observer, The Telegraph, Financial Times, Pitchfork, Q, Mojo, MTV News, NPRBuzzfeed, Lenny, Rookie, Wire, Fader, BBC, Uncut and more.)

I've worked as a senior editor at The Pitchfork Review and contributing editor to Pitchfork (2015 – 2016), features editor of NME (2013 – 2015), associate editor at Pitchfork (2012 – 2013), and assistant reviews editor of NME (2010 – 2012).

I live in London but I am from Cornwall. This is my Twitter. This is my (Don't pitch me through Facebook.) This is my linkedin where you can see that my dad has endorsed my skills in 'music' and 'music industry', just in case you doubted my professional capabilities. It's true that I mostly write about music, but you could also ask me to write about all different kinds of pop culture, books, feminism, technology, education, employment, freelancing, journalism, health + fitness, food, and the reality of life in the south west of England.

I also do copywriting for some big music companies, and regularly appear on the Monocle 24 Arts Review and the BBC to talk about music and feminist issues.

In April 2016 I wrote/researched/presented a documentary about university dropouts for BBC Radio 4, and in April 2017 I stepped in to front a documentary about music and gender, also for BBC Radio 4. I make a Top 40-themed podcast called Unbreak My Chart with my friend Fraser McAlpine.

My chronological portfolio is here, but you’ll find better organised links in the Writing tab above.

Want to hire me for something? (Maybe one of the things listed on my Other Services page, for example. Or even a full-time job. That would be nice.) My email address is (or click the envelope icon at the top/bottom of this website).